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Welcome to Abilities to Work E-Learning courses. We have courses available for Job Seekers, Employers, and Community Groups, in English and American Sign Language.
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Welcome to our free e-learning courses for Job Seekers! We have everything you need to prepare you for gainful employment or to keep your new job. The courses offer easy-to-read modules. Once you have completed a module, you will receive a certificate of completion you can add to your resume!
Welcome to our e-learning courses for Employers. The Diversity and Inclusion Champion Certificate course will provide your organization with the tools and resources it need to increase inclusive hiring.

Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities

This course will outline the benefits of creating a diverse workforce and the positive results that hiring people with disabilities can have on businesses.

Inclusive Hiring Practices

This course is designed to familiarize employers/employer organizations with inclusive hiring practices. Through this course, you will learn how to enact inclusive hiring practices. We will cover not only how to and why employers/employer organization should obtain a diverse workplace, but also how to retain it.

Inclusive Workplace Policy

This course is designed to help employers learn how to go about creating an inclusive workplace policy, as well as understand the necessity and benefits of creating such a policy in the workplace.

Welcome to Pay Equity & Human Rights Legislation

This course will cover important information on Pay Equity and Human Rights legislation in the workplace.

Dispelling Myths & Stereotypes

This course will dispel the many myths and stereotypes that stigmatize women and people with disabilities in the workplace. It will highlight the necessity for employers to move towards adopting tools and practices that foster a more gender and disability inclusive culture.

Benefits of Hiring Women in the Skilled Trades

This course will cover the many benefits of hiring women in the skilled trades. The course will also cover the history of women working in the skilled trades, and the paradigm shift needed to address the skills labour shortage gap across the country.

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