Information Sessions

The Benefits of Hiring Persons with Disabilities

The information session on the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities is an excellent opportunity for organizations to learn about the positive impact of inclusion in the workplace. During this session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the unique skills and perspectives that persons with disabilities bring to the workforce. The session will provide practical tips for accommodating individuals with disabilities, as well as the benefits of creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Attendees will learn how to build an inclusive culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and productivity, and how to create a more accessible and accommodating work environment. This session will equip managers and employees with the tools they need to make the workplace more welcoming and supportive of individuals with disabilities, leading to a more inclusive and successful organization.

Session Duration
1.5 hours
In person or virtually
$200 per session
Free to not-for-profits
50 individuals per session
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