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Becoming a Diversity & Inclusion Champion Certificate Program

The Becoming a Diversity and Inclusion Champion course is designed to help individuals become leaders in creating a more inclusive workplace.

By taking this course, individuals will learn how to create a more welcoming and supportive workplace culture, how to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, and how to promote equity and inclusion in all aspects of the organization.

With this knowledge and training, participants will become champions for diversity and inclusion in their workplace, helping to create a more productive, engaged, and successful organization.

Participants who finish the program will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Duration
1 hour per course
$149.99 per participant
Group Rate
15% off for enrolling 10 or more participants
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Course topics covered in this program include:

Inclusive Hiring Practices
Inclusive Workplace Policies
Pay Equity and HR Legislation
Benefits of Hiring Persons with Disabilities
Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes
Benefits of Hiring Women in the Skilled Trades