Recruitment Strategies

At Abilities to Work, we offer FREE recruitment strategies that simplify the hiring and retention of persons with disabilities within any organization.

Pre-screening qualified candidates is a key step in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. By implementing this practice, businesses can ensure that they are finding and hiring the best candidates, while also providing opportunities for persons with disabilities. This approach helps to level the playing field by removing any biases that may exist in the traditional hiring process.
Job Matching
Job Matching is a crucial part of inclusive recruitment strategies for persons with disabilities. By matching candidates with jobs that align with their skills, interests, and abilities, employers can ensure a better fit and higher job satisfaction for both the employee and employer. Job Matching also helps to reduce turnover and training costs, as well as increase productivity and overall workplace morale.
Hiring Events
Hiring Events provide a unique opportunity for businesses to meet and connect with job seekers, including individuals with disabilities. These events allow employers to showcase their company culture and available job opportunities to a diverse pool of candidates. For businesses that prioritize diversity and inclusion, Hiring Events can be an effective way to attract qualified candidates from underrepresented groups, including individuals with disabilities. Additionally, Hiring Events can be more efficient than traditional recruitment methods, as they allow employers to screen multiple candidates in a short period of time.
Wage Subsidies
Wage Subsidies are a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their workforce while saving on hiring costs. By partnering with Abilities to Work and accessing Wage Subsidies, businesses can create employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and tap into a new pool of talented and motivated workers. Wage Subsidies can help offset the costs of training new employees and provide businesses with the financial flexibility to take on new hires without overburdening their budget.
Job Retention
Job Retention is an important aspect of any business, and it is particularly crucial when it comes to employees with disabilities. Retaining employees with disabilities is essential for businesses that want to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. By providing appropriate accommodations and support, employers can help their employees with disabilities perform at their best, and in turn, create a loyal and committed workforce. Retention services can also help businesses reduce turnover and avoid the costs associated with recruiting and training new employees. In addition, a workplace that values diversity and inclusion is likely to be more productive and profitable, as it benefits from a wider range of perspectives and experiences.sons with disabilities, pay equity and human rights legislation, inclusive workplace policies, dispelling myths and stereotypes, inclusive hiring practices, and the benefits of hiring women in the skilled trades.

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